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Whether you're scaling your current sales team or building from scratch, LaunchSource has the expertise to help you do it fast and cost-effectively.  


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Interview Day

A customized, time-efficient, cost-effective day that introduces you to a batch of qualified SDR candidates. Interview Day is ideal for Talent Aquisition and Sales Managers looking to hire SDRs in classes.

The Scouting Report

The Weekly Scouting Report delivers our top candidates to you on a weekly basis. It includes Resumes and Video Profiles so that you get a better sense of a candidate's personality. The Scouting Report is ideal if you're looking to add a few high quality candidates or backfill a position, and there's no cost to view candidates!

Continuous Development

Give your new hires a path to success, accelerate their ramp up time, and retain your allstars with our employee development platform. Our platform was made specifically with entry-level employees in mind and covers not only the fundamentals of the SDR position, but professionalism, time management, and more!